KRAK is a center for contemporary culture in the phase of establishment. During the summer of 2018, the Revizor Foundation initiated a courageous and demanding procedure of conceptualization and creation of an independent social space in the town of Bihać that would be orientated and focused on cultural practices (visual arts, architecture, design, performance, dance, music, science, alternative education ecology), which would interact with the most diverse range of citizens and groups. Despite difficult conditions currently facing the society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but led by the belief that culture, science and arts can, and should be the driving force of social changes, the idea was born to establish the Center for Contemporary Culture in the Bihać settlement of Hatinac in the premises of what was once the Workers’ Club of the Kombiteks factory.

It is our desire to present the memory of the glorious industrial past of the region of Bihać and particularly its Kombiteks Textile Factory and its Workers’ Club. That is why it is called "KRAK", as an acronym for "Klub radnika Kombiteks", but also as a new word that bears multiple symbolisms. In its future vision, the KRAK Center for Contemporary Culture will have programs that would continue cultivating the practices of gathering and joint conceptualization of local community, as well as consideration and re-definition of awareness of public space that strives to affirm a broad spectrum of social values.




Sead Mujić, logotype, München 2019

In its initial and development phase, the Project attracted the interest of Bihać City Administration, which is the owner of the aforementioned space, and unanimous support form the City Council expressed at its session held on 24 December 2018, when the decision was made to assign the premises of the Kombiteks Workers’ Club to the Revizor Foundation. Thus, an ideal legal prerequisite was created for the long-term development of the idea, starting from it conceptualization to administrative activities and, finally, to the beginning of the Center’s functioning. Participation of natural persons and legal entities in the first phase of conceptualization of the KRAK Project has proven to be an embryo of practice of creation and development of community. The architectural concept design is signed by Ena Kukić and Dinko Jelečević from Graz (Austria), while the entire project documentation for the construction project was done by the Euroing project studio from Bihać. Visual identity in the form of logotype was created by graphic designer Sead Mujić from Munich, who used, as the starting point, the recognizable architectural detail of the Workers’ Club building.












Ena Kukić and Dinko Jelečević, visualisation, Graz 2018 (Design: Dinko Jelečević and Ena Kukić)

Realization of entire project would have not been possible without the initial material assistance of the Open Society Foundation (its Berlin and Barcelona Offices), while its implementation was carried out with moral, technical and material support of the Sarajevo Office of the Open Society Foundation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. From the very outset of conceptualization of the Project the City Administration of Bihać, led by Šuhret Fazlić, has shown great understanding and recognized the importance of the future Center for Bihać. It seems that, despite numerous challenges in the field of culture, Bihać has become mature enough to try to get engaged in the establishment of an independent and critically oriented incubator within which creative ideas would be generated, bringing together new generations of socially responsible individuals.

The Revizor Foundation calls upon all interested individuals (artists, architects, designers, educators, lawyers, activists, gardeners, environmentalists, bee-keepers) as well as legal entities in the country and abroad, who want to be engaged in socially responsible practices and to be identified as active creators of their communities to get in touch with us and offer ideas of  ”how could one participate in the establishment of the KRAK Center?” Send your suggestions to hello[at]