Revizor scholarship is granted once a year for the works in arts and sciences on the basis of public competition. Its goal is to stimulate research in the fields of Humanities and Arts – i.e., projects that are already in an advanced phase of realization, such as doctoral and post-doctoral research, publication of new scientific results, realization of artistic projects and the like.  This year’s scholarship amounts to 3,000 KM.

Deadline for submission of applications is 28 February 2019. Applicants will be informed by email about the results 30 days after the closing of competition at the latest. We are looking forward to receiving a broad spectrum of applications from different fields of sciences and arts, including poly-perspectiveness and pluralism. We are grateful to all applicants and to their associates, who wrote their recommendations, and to those who helped us by sharing this announcement.



All candidates whose project is related to the realization of final activities in the area of Humanities and Arts at academic institutions around the world are eligible to apply for Revizor scholarship for finalization of research with the aim of publishing scientific papers, financing of their publication, financing of publishing projects, artistic research, artistic work in studio, organization of exhibitions, etc.

We welcome applications by candidates of all ethnicities from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as foreign experts whose projects or themes are linked to Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Candidates need to submit:
- Filled-in form
- CV
- Copy of the last obtained diploma
- Copy of ID card
- Project description (maximum 2 pages)
- A letter of recommendation
- Documentation on projects and its parts that would be financed from Revizor scholarship



Selection procedure is carried out by a professional commission. It is based on qualifications of candidates, quality of project and its relevance for academic and cultural life of Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. It will be based on the need for inter-disciplinary and thematically diverse positions, which provides equal opportunities for research to the broadest spectrum of candidates.

Selected project will be announced 30 days upon the publication of competition. Selected candidate will be informed by electronic mail without a detailed explanations and rationale.

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Open call for Revizor scholarship is closed. Revizor Foundation will not take into consideration applications received after 28 February 2019 until the announcement of the new call.