Architectural competition

Under the slogan Creativity, Education, Community, incited by the question whether abandoned spaces could become place of eruptive creative energy and whether in urban tissue of the city of Bihać there is awareness of the need for a shared and collaborative action of associations and public companies, the Association and Revizor Foundation initiated the action aimed at stimulating a different conceptualization of shared urban spaces and their potential re-definition.

Aware of the significance of collaboration of independent civic initiatives in the field of culture, our desire is to motivate architects, designers and artists to take a new approach to industrial heritage in the local community. It is a speculative design focused on the abandoned Water Tower in the Bihać settlement of Hatinac that, due to its characteristic architectural form and spatial position, offers a favorable starting point for creative action. Once its original function ended, the Water Tower in Bihać was left to deterioration and its eventual conversion would enable urban and social renaissance of this part of the city.

Given that the industrial heritage of Bihać (Kombiteks, Polietilenka, Šipad, etc.) has almost always been subjected to rigid and uninventive search for alternative cultural practices, unlike in the cases of Metelka, Rog or Tobačna in Ljubljana, or Pogon and Media in Zagreb, this competition tries to map the industrial heritage of Bihać as a potent resource and a gratifying platform for creative individuals, architects, designers, artists and cultural managers.

This competition also wants to affirm, in a more energetic and clear way, the idea of social engagement and to motivate particularly young people to take action and co-create a shared space for diverse social practices.

The illustration that was created exclusively for this competition by the graphic designer from Bihać, Miroslav Slipčević, suggests a certain playfulness and joy, and perceives the Water Tower as a neighborhood project to be benefited by different age groups and individuals led by different interests. The competition remains open until 12 March 2017, and documentation and application form may be downloaded from websites below.















Miroslav Slipčević, Water Tower2017.

All the received proposals will be presented at the symposium ”Industrial Heritage in Bihać Between Reality and vision” to be held on 21 and 22 March in the City Gallery and the premises of the bankrupt Kombiteks Textile Factory – the symposium that is partly organized as part of the teaching process of the Textile Department of the University of Bihać and the Patterns Lectures award.

The Jury, consisting of international experts and activists in the field of architecture, art history, curator practice and cultural management, will evaluate the received works and award the first and the second award amounting to 700 BAM and 300 BAM.


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