Supporting child intelligence

On Sunday, 1 July 2018, artist Selma Selman performed, with the support of Revizor Foundation, the workshop Supporting Child Intelligence in the makeshift refugee camp in Borići, Bihać. The workshop was organized for all age groups with an emphasis on the youngest refugees. Starting from the stance that art possesses power to be the agent of breaking prejudice, of the change of collective awareness, and of the means for mitigation or resolving social problems, the workshop addressed the problems of socially marginalized children, who were in one way or another rejected by, or excluded from society, in order to prepare the participants for new challenges through simple forms and play.


Selma Selman, Podrška dječijoj inteligenciji, Bihać 2018.














Selma Selman, Supporting Child Intelligence, Bihać 2018 (Photographs: Adnan Jusić)

In its first part, the workshop organized classes of self-defense with practical examples of protection from potential attacks, with the aim of boosting physical preparediness, while in the second part, in classes of painting and drawing on the topic of "identity expressed through self-portrait”, the workshop focused on creativity focused at improving child’s awareness of his/her own identity and individual expression..

Selma Selman graduated from the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka in 2014 and then studied at the Central European University in Budapest (Hungary) and Syracuse University, Syracuse (New York, USA). She lives in Syracuse and Bihać.