Revizor Fanzin / Nostalgia for the Future

The fourth issue of Revizor Fanzin depicts the situation in Split, with special focus on culture, art, architecture and urban planning. Its editor, Ivana Meštrov brought together eleven authors, who have described from different viewpoints the current problems and phenomena of the city of Split and its neighborhood. They are: Damir Pilić, Diana Magdić, Duška Boban, Sandi Bulimbašić, Veronika Gamulin, Nikola Križanac, Dragana Modrić, Boris Šitum, Sonja Leboš, Jasminka Babić and Tonči Kranjčević Batalić. Entitled Nostalgia for the Future, this issue successfully describes the post-industrial mood of the second biggest city in Croatia, by pointing at specific social and political trends that have determined the dynamics of the place. Once the center of industrial development, social emancipation and enlightenment, Split is faced today with paradoxical scenarios of ethno-nationalism, urban clientelism and mass or the so-called ”uncontrolled” tourism. Using theoretical, journalistic and artistic approaches, the Split issue of Revizor Fanzin Nostalgia for the Future also identifies those social agents that have the strength to imagine Split differently.

A number of artists are presented in this Fanzin, e.g., Lana Stojićević, Katerina Duda, Ivan Svaguša, Bojan Mrđenović, Duška Boban, Katharina Zimmerhackl, Neli Ružić, Viktor Popović, Glorija Lizde and Gildo Bavčević. Their bond with the place in which they live and their work guarantees the existence of creative energy that successfully interprets local phenomena though global lenses and with the contemporary visual arts means of expression, with issues of public space, social interactional and social engagement as central themes. Instead of an introductory text, in starts with the comic, i.e., an illustration created by Ivan Svaguša that speaks poetically about the relationship between the past, the present and the future of Split, and that closes with: "And we? We are alone / with the city that vanishes / with the city that will outlive us."

The idea of a nomadic media, being realized as part of the Bihać-based Revizor Foundation, draws attention to the importance and the need for regional networking, exchange of ideas and some kind of joint action in the fields of culture, art and science.

As in the previous issues of Revizor Fanzin, the Split issue Nostalgia for the Future was realized thanks to the funds provided by the Sarajevo Office Open Society Fund, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The issue of Nostalgia for the Future is accessible in pdf format.