Revizor Fanzin / Justice and Body

The third issue of Revizor Fanzin entitled Justice and Body presents twelve works that deal, from different genres and perspectives, with perception of positions of body in the context of (in)justice in the city of Banja Luka. This issue is greatly influenced by the murder of David Dragičević, the event that serves as a prism through which relationship between power and a person’s body is read and re-interpreted. The Banja Luka issue is edited by Danijela Majstorović, who built her position on social responsibility the sensitivity of which is additionally amplified by her personal experience and by ”her study of relationship between a continuum, sick (diseased) body/society, and the possibility of justice as the way of healing” (Danijela Majstorović, from introductory text)..

This issue summarizes a great amount of social troubles that have cast its shadow over Bosnian-Herzegovinian society since the 1990s. Following the logic of experimental nomadic media, this issue of Revizor, although thematically focused on Banja Luka, possesses the power of pointing at, - by using an inarticulate human voice - on one of the main features of the state in which we live.

The Banja Luka issue is linked to the first and second issues of Revizor Fanzin, which were thematically focused on Bihać and Tuzla, and announces the continuation of the dynamics that would move to Split and Rijeka in the next issues.

Justice and Body brought together journalists and theoreticians: Ines Gverić Korkut, Dragan Bursać, Tanja Stupar Trifunović, Faruk Šehić, Aleksandar Ilić, Danijela Majstorović, Tanja Šljivar, Mirjana Tešanović, Dražana Lepir, Irfan Hošić, Zoran Vučkovac and Gordana Katana, and artists: Tajana Dedić, Mladen Miljanović, Miodrag Manojlović, Sandra Dukić, Marina Božić, Amer Kobašlija, Aida Šehović, Vladimir Šagadin, Radenko Milak, Aleksandar Trifunović, Aleksandra Marić and Irma Beširević. As in the previous issues, the author of graphic design is Adnan Suljkanović.

This Fanzin is realized with material support of the Sarajevo Office of Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The issue Justice and Body is also accessible in PDF form.