Revizor Fanzin / Toposes of (post)Industry

The fifth and the last Revizor Fanzin, Toposes of (post)Industry, were published as the Rijeka issue. This issue concluded the cycle that linked five cities of the region, i.e., Bihać, Tuzla, Banja Luka and Split, concluding with the issue on Rijeka, with profile and content that tried to detect current positions in the field of culture, art and activism in these centers. Marina Tkalčić, who edited this issue, recognized the moment of the city of Rijeka through the prism of its huge preparations for the European Capital of Culture (ECC) in 2020, and used industrial heritage as the trigger for ideas that enabled the articulation of viewpoint, analysis and eventual synthesis of urban trends. The moment of issuance of the Rijeka issue of Revizor was particularly apt, not only as the opportunity to sum up local practices, but also for regional contextualization – in the region of South-East Europe that can be defined as the broader region.

















The Rijeka issue of Revizor Fanzin presents several authors, artists, whose theoretical positions and artistic ideas serve as probe for looking into the cultural circumstances of the city, both in historic and in contemporary perspective. The authors are: Marina TkalčićHrvoje ŠtefanKatarina PeovićRenato StankovićKristina PandžaIva KovačBernard KoludrovićDubravko MatanićIvana LučićIva Davorija and Bruno Butorac. Artists and designers are: Kristijan VučkovićTomislav BrajnovićLuiza MarganLjilana BrusićTanja KanazirShabnam ShabaziSilvijo LorussoSebastian SchmiegNadija MustapićToni MeštrovićIvan VranjićMartina ŠalovNika RukavinaNina Delanović and Darko Bavoljak.

Revizor Fanzin, with its five issues, testifies of the importance of connecting independent scenes of the cities that share both the past and an uncertain future. Fanzin served as the platform for mutual networking aimed at joint contemplation of new practices and collaboration in different fields of culture and education.

The Project was realized with the funds provided by the Sarajevo Office of Open Society Fund, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The issue of Toposes of (post)Industry is accessible in pdf format.