Revizor Fanzin / Associated Labor

The second issue of Revizor Fanzin focuses on the City of Tuzla. Under the title Associated Labor, this issue tries to establish a link with local industrial past and the culture of work in Yugoslav socialist era, and to test the concept of “associated labor” in the new political and economic environment of Tuzla. This issue was edited by Damir Arsenijević, who brought together authors who deal with some of the relevant developments in the recent past of Tuzla, counterpoising them to the practices of contemporary culture, activism and the habits of urban living. Music, subcultural identities, alternative esthetics, as well as ecology and social sensitivity become important elements of codification of the city. Associated Labor is in the true sense a Tuzla publishing project aimed at emphasizing and indicating the spirit of mutual solidarity of its protagonists, but also to test the idea of ”association” among groups of likeminded individuals in the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. In the ambiance defined by overall social crisis and disintegration caused by the ”war-driven infrastructural logic”, one can pose the justified question what is exactly implied by ”associated labor” and how it is articulated (Damir Arsenijević, from introductory text).  

This issue of Revizor Fanzin was produced as the continuation of the story that began in Bihać, as part of Revizor Foundation project, with the idea of creating a nomadic media. After Tuzla, our plan is to publish issues with the themes of Split, Banja Luka and Rijeka, and their shared feature would be the practice of associated labor as a subject for critical analysis conducted by individuals and groups close to leftist political orientations.

Contributors for the Tuzla issue of Associated Labor are Šejla ŠehabovićAzra JašarevićSanja HorićAmir ĆorhodžićMerima Džubur GrbićJasenko JeremićTamara ĐurićNela Atlić, and Jasmina Redžepagić, with artists: Dejan SlavuljicaKomePolenFatima Delić and Munever Salihović. The graphic designer Adnan Suljkanović is the author of design.

This Fanzin is realized with material support of the Sarajevo Office of Open Society Fund, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Associated Labor is also accessible in PDF format.