Revizor Fanzin / Local Utopia

Revizor Fanzin is a critique oriented, subversive and nomadic medium aimed at networking with likeminded people in other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its neighborhood. Revizor Fanzin strives to strengthen a network of proactive individuals, affirmation of the idea of public critique and the culture of dialogue that involves pluralism and ideological diversity that is not confined to exclusive and closed circles, but open to broad spectrum of audience. The nomadic character of Fanzin as an unconventional method of publishing is aimed at mapping, in the five issues planned for publication, some socially critical positions in Bihać, Tuzla, Split, Banja Luka and Rijeka and to introduce, through a spontaneous yet active network, new standards in the field of socially responsible action within the above spaces. By-passing the centers like Sarajevo or Zagreb, Revizor Fanzin underscores the strengthening of independent and open civic action in the periphery, along with mutual exchange of experiences, challenges and possibilities. By doing so, it strives to accentuate social and cultural phenomena framed by the processes of post-socialist, post-industrial and post-conflict environment. Editor of the Bihać issue of Revizor Fanzin is Irfan Hošić, while authors of graphic design are Adnan Suljkanović and Damir Midžić.

The texts written by Danijela MajstorovićAzra HromadžićHrvoje JurićŠeherzada DžafićIsra TatlićAmir HusakIrfan HošićŽana VukičevićHajrudin HromadžićAlma Midžić and Aleksander Jandrić, as well as art works of: Majda PilipovićMiroslav SlipčevićBoris StapićEmir ToromanovićDino RekanovićAdnan SuljkanovićEdis VojićSead MujićSelma SelmanAlisa BurzićDamir NikšićDinko Hošić and Adi Dizdarević – are presented in this issue of Revizor.This Fanzin is realized with material support of the Sarajevo Office of Open Society Fund in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This issue of Local Utopia is also accessible in the PDF format.